Cap Inspection

Cap Inspection items :
- Cap Existence
- Cap Sealing
- Cocked Cap
- Tear in Tamper
- Dent Cap

Liquid Level Inspection

But also a vision system proves of value in the bottling plant for checking if the fill level is matched by every bottle. An image of the bottle neck is captured and the fill level measured.

Label Inspection

Yet another application is the label inspection. This requires some flexibility, as the labels not only vary along different kinds of drinks and packaging but also in language, origin and size. The inspection is carried out in free run on the conveyor band, on any kind of bottle, impartial to the type and position of the label. Below is criteria of label inspection :
- Label Presence
- Vertical Misalignment
- Horizontal Misalignment
- Torn Label
- Up-Side down

Exp Date Inspection

Character inspection is in use actively in the food and beverages industries. The most typical application is character inspection of expiration dates. Vision systems read expiration dates to check for incorrect dates or omission. 100% inspection can prevent mixing of expired products